The Journey

It all started when a Lord of the Rings fan film contest was announced in the fall of 2004, and someone quipped, “Why not throw the hobbits into modern-day Seattle?” With Seattle being home to many landmarks that relate so well to LOTR (a bridge troll, an underground tour, beautiful scenery) the Journey to Microdor idea was born.

That idea quickly evolved into a master plan involving an ensemble cast and writing crew from the NorthWesternesse LOTR fan group, and spearheaded by a director/producer who soon realized she’d bitten off more than she could chew.

Coming up with a script proved more difficult than expected…various scenes were written around the more recognizable links between Seattle and Middle Earth, but how to tie them all together into a story? Much head-scratching ensued, until one of NorthWesternesse’s more brilliant fan members (a lawyer) wrote out a Prologue. With that explanatory introduction, everything else soon fell into place, and Journey to Microdor was off and running!

The script was finished just before Thanksgiving…the deadline was December 30th. That left just one month to shoot all the scenes, while still allowing for all the Holiday craziness…not to mention everyone's work schedules. Everyone's dedication to the project was overwhelming and gratifying, however, and the people involved made the time. (This accounts for the appearance of the “Cute Hobbit Baby” in the movie, when a babysitter was not available.)

With all the scenes in the can, the editor/director/videographer had one short week to put the whole thing together, the last 48 hours of which were spent with no sleep, much temper tantrums and pulling of hair. The final disk was burned, thrown into a FedEx package, and sent with about one hour of leeway time.

However, the finished product was still not as polished as it could be. Continuous tweaking ensued (and taping of one more bit of video that was essential but not captured during principle photography) until May 14th, 2005, when the final version was premiered at TolCon, a Pacific Northwest Lord of the Rings convention. A panel of Journey to Microdor actors agreed to volunteer for a Q&A session, where all the cast and crew were applauded for their dedication, stellar acting, and teamwork. We are now all happy with the final product and proud to share the laughs!