The Story

What happens when four hobbits encounter an innocent-looking disk, created by a well-known and often-abused software empire that has shaped much of Seattle's present-day culture?

One OS to rule them all, One Program to find them
One Browser to bring them all and on the internet
bind them

Not knowing what they had found, the hobbits are suddenly transported into modern-day Seattle. They take refuge in the Seattle underground, battle a cave troll, and meet up with the the Stranger, Strident…always trailed by the creature Golly, who seeks to recover the Precious…the One Disk.

Assisted by the wise Randolph, Wizard at Law, the hobbits determine to destroy the Disk. They journey into the dark land of Microdor, where the power of the Disk overtakes Freda, and she and Golly engage in one final struggle for the Disk of Power.